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Delicatessen + Wine Merchant

A good delicatessen needs good meats and we've got hams and salami's from all over Europe.

Whether your looking for cold cuts to nibble, hams to wrap some chicken or fish, or the fillings for us to create your dream sandwich, we've got something for all tastes ... and we're always happy to source any speciality that you fancy ...

Here's a taster of some of our favourites :


Prosciutto di Parma

Napoli Salame

Milano Salame

Ventricina Salame

Cotto alle Herbe (herbed cooked ham)



Pepper Salami

Herb Salami

Smoked Black Forest Ham



                                                (A selection of cooking and slicing ... hot and mild)

Jamon Serano

Foie Gras



Findlater Pates

(Smoked Salmon, Dunsyre & Pear, Venison & Cognac, Duck and Orange ... and many more)

Smoked Duck Breast

Smoked Venison

Loch Duart Smoked Salmon Fillets

(Prize winning Salmon from the Salar Smokehouse on the Isle of Juist)

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